unpopular opinion

When the woman at the well (John 4) came into contact with Jesus who told her everything she’d ever done and ran to tell the Samaritan people, she was, in that moment, one of the first ministers of this Kingdom gospel Jesus brought. She didn’t go home first and leave the man with whom she… Continue reading unpopular opinion

religion versus relationship.

I read an article today on Fox News entitled “Stars we lost in 2019”. It listed 157 celebrities that died during 2019. Some were household names like Robert Forster who played Bud Baxter on Last Man Standing. Another was legendary wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund who died at the age of 76. Okerlund was one… Continue reading religion versus relationship.

isn’t it romantic?

There’s a post circulating on Facebook about a man showing his love through everyday things instead of big romantic gestures. Maybe you’ve seen it. The author talks about how her husband pushes the grocery cart and opens doors and calls to see if she needs anything on the way home. She goes on to tell… Continue reading isn’t it romantic?

an open letter to Christians everywhere (including me).

An open letter to Christians everywhere (including me): I just watched America’s Got Talent and saw what I hope is a career rebirth of another sinner saved by grace: Nikki Leonti Edgar (Wikipedia). My heart was broken listening to her story and realizing that I listened to her singing Christian music as a kid then… Continue reading an open letter to Christians everywhere (including me).

it will not be (un)redeemed.

To this point, my life has been an amalgam of many different things: hurt, disappointment, gladness, sorrow, loss, joy, inability, unworthiness, love… If you think you’re seeing a pattern, you’re right. For a portion of my life, I was in a place where happiness was very short-lived, if ever experienced. Though small, that time had a… Continue reading it will not be (un)redeemed.