[who we are]

Michal and Emily Ferber are the co-founders of (un)redeemed ministries.

Michal grew up the oldest child of a three-kid family in the Pee Dee, a community in northeast South Carolina. As a homeschooled kid, he was extremely interested in computers and everything that revolved around them. Once he realized he was gifted in that area, he never looked back. He graduated a couple years early from high school and began his career. He is currently a director at a major regional hospital system in Florence, South Carolina.

Emily is the baby of the family by every definition of the word; she’s the baby child of her family and the baby grandchild on both sides. She learned about her love for and skill in music around the age of 8, and she has been holding a microphone and leading worship in some form since 1998. She is a stay-at-home mom, and has been building upon her love of writing by creating content for the (un)redeemed blog, editing/ghostwriting Michal’s thoughts, sharing on her personal blog, and working on a manuscript that’s been in the works for several months.

A note from Michal and Emily:

We are so delighted that you’re here. Whether you stumbled upon our little corner of the world or you visited on purpose, welcome! We are determined to share with the world our story of redemption and God’s love and grace. We want so desperately to show the love of Christ through our story of knocks and bumps and mess-ups, but more than anything, we long to extend the hope that we found in Jesus.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you’ll be back!